Thursday, March 24, 2011


I went out today on a social outing. My friend Amy invited me and our friend Gemma to hers for lunch. It was great. Between us the were four babies. Amy's Noah who is one in May, Gemma's Aiden who is the same age as Willow and Taylor. I had the best day. It was really amazing sharing with Amy and Gemma, knowing that they are going through similar situations as we are. I also learned a lot from them. We all worked in ICU at RPH together. Ive many fond memories of ICU and am actually looking forward to doing some casual shifts there (if they'll have me) in a few months. I have heard others say that coming back to work either part time or casually was more for the social aspect. Some adult time. I can understand this as I think for me, although it is for the money mostly, it is about the social interaction. It will also give Vince some quality time with the girls.

This week we have also had some great laughs. Both Grandma's have been here and I have really enjoyed their company and appreciate their help. The girls have been interacting a lot more and are even beginning to smile more. They have also given us a few laughs. Willow loves giving the bird and Taylor is always doing her super girl pose.

Of interest this week was the Insight program on SBS. It was about Surrogacy. I found it difficult to watch. Mostly because of some of the participants attitudes and opinions. I truly believe that most of those opposing surrogacy have no understanding of the reasons behind it and so easily apply their own experiences to it with such narrow blinkers that they cannot see any other sides of the argument. Where as those who are using surrogacy are usually fully aware of the same issues  but work through them or find ways to make it better. They usually have agonised over the ethics and morality of the situation they are in and considered all the facts. It is not a selfish act. It is usually a well planned heart felt journey has been heavily researched and analysed. Like all situations in life it is not always perfect and their will be those who sully it with their inappropriate behaviour. Their is also room for improvement in the processes available in India and I know that this will improve as India comes to term with the burgeoning industry it has created. I hope that sharing our story helps some people understand. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions and we should respect the differences and seek to tolerate and understand.

Tomorrow I am off to Bunbury with Mum for an overnight trip to visit family and friends. Fingers crossed that all goes well. Vince is staying home to try and finish his final assignment for his MBA. I also hope that he gets some much needed sleep. I know I will be trying to while in Bunbury with so many hands to help with the girls.



  1. Can't wait to be a pair of those helping hands! I am so proud of you becoming a parent and these girls are just so lucky.

  2. The girls are already showing their own personalities. Love the photo's. I am loving having the if I could have one wish that it was a couple of years earlier while I still had my mobility. I would give any thing to be able to pick them up and walk with them or to be able to push the pram with them in it. But the grass is not always greener on the other side. When I am sitting holding them they just have to listen to me more (poor darlings). I have just purchased a whole pile of old favourite books and a mix of new ones so that I will be able to read to them. I have already started so that they are used to having reading time with Grandma, that they associate exciting reading and stories times with me. See it can be better! Love Gran

  3. Dont know where the next part of the line went it should read. I am loving having the cuddles and smile times,

  4. Hey Jem, you need a baby group!
    I can't tell you how much hanging around with other mums and babies meant to me in that first year. In the ACT you get shunted into a random group with other people who had babies around the same time, but I didn't get a lot of joy out of that, so I searched around & joined a group of art school people who had all had kids. Their kids were slightly (6-8 months) older than mine, but it was the common life view that saved us.
    I'm guessing there aren't too many gay men with new-borns in Perth, but I might be wrong! The main thing is to find one you can join or set up a group with your mates and a couple of others and it will be so good for both you and the girls when they get more sociable.

    ...and then fourteen years down the track you can joke about your kids forming a FB group with each other called 'I saw you in nappies' and watch them blush :)

  5. Hay boys,
    First of all congrats with the birth of your twins, Paul and myself are also a gay couple who have twins born through India last year. Our little Declan and Makayla are 4.2 months old and whilst the experience is getting more and more challenging (teething) we would not change it for the world. Please feel free to add me on facebook and we might catch up for coffee sometime.

    Chris Andrews