Friday, December 16, 2011

A Thousand Words

It has been a while but I think I am ready. I have had so much to say but so little time to write. However I want to make an effort to keep our story going. What inspired this new motivation was a special event that occurred today. Since the arrival of our two cherubs all I have wanted was a really nice "family shot". Like one of the ones that hang proudly on the wall of most family homes. I did not want a stage directed expose. Just a comfortable image that tells a thousand words. It also had to be achieved on a shoestring budget as I am not back at work yet.

After extensive research on the net for a photographer and a few near cardiac events brought on by returned quotes, I settled for good old portrait place. Simple, professional and cheap. Well cheap compared to all the others I contacted. After a 45 minute sitting I walked away very pleased. They managed to capture exactly what I wanted. Now I just have to wait because the package I chose was a little out of the agreed budget so it is now on lay by.

When we were going through the proofs I had the most pleasant warm feeling of contentment. We have had some nice photos taken over the past 11 months. None however seemed to capture our happy relaxed family. There always seemed to be something distracting one of us or lots going on around us. Today was just simple and relaxed. I also very much dislike having my photo taken. Today I felt comfortable. I can't wait to pay off the lay by.

Having not written anything for so long I feel a little rusty and hope that I can quickly get back into the swing of things. In the mean time here are a couple of recent photo's of the girls. These were taken by Ann Jones at the Grant's Christmas Drinks last weekend. I think they tell a thousand words.....

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