Monday, October 15, 2012

A Message from Papa

My dearest girls,

I have waited so long for you to join your dad and me; I never thought that the day would truly come.  Thank your dad that he did the ironing that day, yes it is a funny story but he can tell you all about it over the cup of tea you make him, while you sip on a drink also.
I can honestly say that I am so proud to be your papa; I love you with all my heart, to the moon and beyond.

The early years will be hard my darlings, but you will forget the entire trauma you think you went through, it is all part of learning to become the people you turn out to be in the future. 
Over the years, you will get frustrated with us and vice versa, but remember this honey’s, I would walk thousands of miles for you and back.

I have been sitting back in the back ground watching you develop into the beings I know you will become.  I had a dream that I would have 2 beautiful girls and hearing that I had two daughters born made me feel like I was a giant.

I will try keep you safe, but realise that there will be times when I am not there to catch you in person, but I will be there in spirit.  At times I may not succeed, but rest assure I love you.
You both have so much to learn and I love seeing you discover new things each day and hear the flexion in your voice when you do this.  I am blessed to see this every day.

I love your dad very much and society may not fully understand, but that is not important.  The important thing is that you know that and that I have waited a very long time for this and I want to cherish every moment and that this is real!! I am glad we were together to share this event
To watch your world open up to you each day, no words can describe.  Simply all I can say is that it is wonderful to share this with you.  You will master anything you put your mind to.

Taylor, continue to laugh and work things out in your brain, I see this will be one of your strong points, your wit is golden.  I love watching your mind try and work things out… BUT stop biting your nails; you are safe and a confident person.

Willow, stop growling with frustration! I know where you developed that little gesture and I can say that it was not me, but will not say that it was  as it was given with love and nothing else.  Your laugh is contagious and your inquisitive mind is another strong characteristic of yours.  Never be frightened and keep moving forward as you have conquered so much so far.  Remember Papa will try and carry you on his shoulders to keep your spirits lifted an you feeling high.

You are both beautiful in so many ways that I cannot describe.

The coming months and years may be hard for you both.  There is so much to learn, to do and achieve ahead. Take it in your stride and keep being yourselves; you will master them…eventually… BUT do not stop trying.

I hope one of the things I am able to teach you is internal beauty, love yourselves and then you will be able to love others unconditionally.  Dad and I love you and will be here for you while we can, but with nature things change.

Remember the wind that hits on your face is me, your Papa kissing you. Remember that the day you were born and each day I spend with you are a blessing that I will never forget and cherish for the rest of my life. 

Remember you are my daughters and that I love you and wish you all the love in the world and that you find happiness, even in your darkest times, as everyone will face them at one time.

Be yourselves, be bold enough to challenge the world and continue to make it better for your child that is if you choose to go down that path at the right moment in time. 


With all my heart, Your Papa xx

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